EASYCOMFY FY-5LW - Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

By using molecular sieve physical absorption and desorption technology, Easycomfy’s oxygen concentrator separates nitrogen and oxygen from the air and produces high-purity oxygen continuously to meet the medical grade standard requirements.

It is beneficial in increasing blood oxygen saturation and improving tissue oxygen supply and is an ideal choice in various healthcare and home ICU environments.


  • Provides 90%±3% oxygen density across all flow rates from 1L-5L/ min.
  • Adjustable Flow Rate from 1L per minute to 10L per minute.
  • Large Backlit Digital Display with real-time monitoring
  • Working noise ≤45dB
  • Supports simultaneous usage of oxygen and nebulizer delivery
  • Ventilator Support
  • Product Weight: 22kg
  • Light indications with smart alarm system

Safety Features:

  • Alarm when oxygen concentration falls below 82%
  • Alarm when compressor overload & thermal protection
  • Alarm when circulatory system failure
  • Alarm when low flow rate
  • Alarm when power failure

Country of Origin: PRC

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