ResPlus BPAP Series

Bipap Machine

For OSAHS & Respiratory insufficient patients – For home use

BiPAP is a method of breathing support that is often used to treat central sleep apnea and central sleep apnea (both OSA and CSA). Many of the components of a BiPAP machine are the same as the standard CPAP machine.


  • Supports multiple respiratory modes such as CPAP, S, T, S\T. APCV, suitable for various respiratory insufficient patients
  • 3.5” colourful LCD screen
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Swiss made pressure sensor
  • Auto-sensibility
  • Separable design for Host and Humidifier
  • 5 temperature level Heating Humidifier
  • Rotating knob for easier operation
  • Ultra low dBA
  • VAF to maintain a target tidal volume
  • Smart security alerts for power outage, air leakage, insufficient pressure, etc.
  • InspTime limitation allows users to set the period of time to inhale for effective treatments.

Brand: BYOND
Country of Origin: PRC
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