Mechanical Ventilator Device - Intensive Care Type

Developed with the support of Republic of Turkey Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Bilkent University Cyberpark, BIYOVENT offers a customizable structure based on patient needs. It is developed with the awareness that the medical state and needs of every patient are different. Thus, it provides advantage to both the patient and the doctor for the most effective treatment. Biyovent helps healthcare professionals to reach information they need and provides an opportunity to choose Non-Invasive, Invasive Ventilation and N-CPap, HFO therapy methods in performing the treatment method that the patient needs.

  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Integrated Nebulizer
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy and N-CPAP (nasal C-PAP)
  • Suitable for Pediatric, Adult and Newborn (optional) Patients
  • Smart Ventilation Modes
  • Suitable for patients affected by COVID-19

Ventilation modes for all ages and conditions:
  • Pressure controlled modes (P-ACV P-SIMV+PS P-CMV P-PSV P-Bi-level ARPV)
  • Volume Controlled Modes (V-ACV V-ACV(PRVC) V-CMV V-SIMV+PS, V-SIMV(PRVC)+PS)
  • Spontaneous Modes (SPN-PS, SPN-VS)
  • Smart Modes [SAV(WOB Optimisation)]

Smart Interface:
  • Customize parameters according to patient needs with easy-to-use interface design.
  • 3-step easy calibration
  • Intelligent ventilation monitoring allows Real-time monitoring of dynamic state of lung with lung diagram.
  • Single screen monitoring parameters display more than 30 parameters simultaneously.

  • 15 inch HD color screen
  • Sensitive Touch
  • Easily adjustable mode parameters
  • Simultaneous monitoring of more than 30 parameters

Other Features:
  • Power supply for humidifier
  • External Nebulizer Input (USB)
  • Emergency Valve
  • Multiple-use autoclavable Expiratory block
  • Nebulizer outflow
  • Wheels with increased shock absorption
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Safe design and Easy to use

Brand: Biosys Biyomedikal Mühendislik A.Ş.
Country of Origin: Republic of Turkey

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