AUDRA HEALTH TECH is a leading manufacturing enterprise and supplier of a vast range of Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) based in India. Our brand is synonymous with providing best-in-class products and services while offering industry leading Quality, Performance and Support. Audra Health Tech also provides specialised Consultancy and Training services to its clients.
We offer clients an end-to-end solution from product design to manufacturing and international distribution. We work in close collaboration with our valuable partners from early product research and development to enable their transformation and help drive innovation. All our products go through rigorous quality inspections and are certified as per IS, DGMS, CE, and other applicable international norms, unless specified otherwise.


We envision ourselves as the preferred partner for sourcing of all healthcare products and services amongst reputable organizations.

CSR and Sustainability

We at Audra Health Tech have taken it upon ourselves to help the global society by working with various governments and international organizations to overcome global healthcare pandemic and epidemic crises such as the SARS-CoV2.

To achieve our goal, we have joined hands with NGO’s and Trust Organisations working on Children Welfare, Medical Aid and Health Emergencies.

We intend to make a sustainable positive impact on the society by offering our products and services in the most eco-friendly manner.

We believe that healthcare should be affordable and that all individuals have an equal right to good healthcare access. We want to use our resources and experience to fill this void and work towards our goal in the most ethical manner. Our manufacturing facilities follow WHO-GMP manufacturing practices and we implement fair work laws for the team. We believe in adhering to all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.